RF Classic Blue Cat
2004 Blue Roan filly.
Sire is Otoes Classic Blue.
Dam is Sir Quincys Ms Kitty.
RF Perty N Blue Jeans
2003 Blue Roan filly
Sire is Perty Black Buck
and Dam is French Lilly.
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Sir Quincys Ms Kitty
AQHA Grullo mare, N/N. Bloodline
consists of Quincy Dan and Impressive.
"Mouse" is a consistant producer of one of our top
foals every year, usually a grullo or dun.

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Heartbreak Rosie, our red roan mare
is a daughter of Double D Tough Stuff
who is double bred Jimmy Mac Bee,

Grullo and 100% foundation.
Her dam is a grand-daughter of both 
How D Roman and Mr. Tailwind.
Rosie is one of our favorites!
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Double D Sissy is another great mare of ours.
She has that unique grullo coloring,

along with being 100% foundation. 
Her sire is Double D Tough Stuff, double bred
Jimmy Mac Bee grullo stallion, and her dam
was a grand-daughter of both Paul A, and Santa Fe King.

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Jackie Beau Brandy is a stout and soggy built mare.
She is linebred Jackie Bee, along with Coy's Bonanza bred.
Jackie is a fabulous broodmare.
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Andalusia Nobleza is a wonderful 
Andalusian / APHA cross mare that I raised.
Her sire is Alipaz, and her Dam is Classics Josie.
She has beautiful movement, wonderful
Andalusian characteristics and has top notch foals.
To be bred to MF Othello for 2008 foal.
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Jackie Bee Too, AQHA Red Dun mare.
Double bred Jackie Bee. Sweet mare with
alot of personality. 
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TJs Desert Wind is a wonderful dun mare.
She is a daughter of Tee J Jacks Money
and also has Blackburn on her papers.

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Deluxe TJ Sweetie is a lovely gray mare
who is double bred Jackie Bee along with Skip's Brick
and Sonny Dee Bar on her papers.

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Missy Beau Brandy, gray AQHA mare.
Double bred Jackie Bee, along with Dustin Quixote
and Zippo Pine Bar on her papers.
Dam is Jackie Beau Brandy.

Sire is a son of Flashy Zipper.
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I Bee Double Sweet, 2002 solid grullo AQHA filly.
Sire is Double D Tough Stuff, 
Dam is Deluxe TJ Sweetie. This filly nicknamed
Freya, goes back to Jackie Bee 4 times. 
She has it all.
Pedigree, Click here for Pedigree
Type, Temperment and Color. We are very
excited about the future of this filly.
Easter Mac Bee.
1992 Sorrel Mare
Double bred Jimmy Mac Bee on her AQHA papers,
this mare produces outstanding foals and has a temperment of gold.

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Frosty Mugs
1998 Bay Roan Draft mare.
1/2 Percheron-1/2 Clydesdale.
1999 Shire-Friesian cross mare.
Stands 16.2 hands.
Powerful, yet gentle draft mare.
Bred to Friesian stallion,
Hertog Jan v.d. Paddensteeg
RF Taffy
1998 Shetland pony mare
This pony is Sage's pony.
RF Milkshake
1998 Shetland pony mare
This is Scout's pony.